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Posted: September 11, 2013

DNA expert Rhonda Roby profiled for her work identifying victims of attacks on World Trade Center

 UNTHSC DNA Rhonda Roby

Rhonda Roby, PhD, MPH, has spent her career using DNA analysis to identify human remains from high-profile cases: the Branch Davidian fire in Waco, the 1973 Pinochet military coup in Chile, even Tsar Nicholas II and members of the Romanov family.

But the biggest case of all came 12 years ago in September 2011, when Roby received a call summoning her to New York City. Now an Associate Professor of Forensic and Investigative Genetics at UNT Health Science Center, Roby would spend the next five years of her life analyzing human remains found in the rubble of the World Trade Center, helping put a name to every victim.

"I feel like I was serving my country," she said. "I feel that very strongly."

Today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram profiles Roby and her work in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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